Dating site killer memebase

Not even sure where to begin with these acts of insanity that defy all rhyme and reason.

The discovery of his dating profile has sparked concerns that women who use the same website, including young mums, could start contacting and possibly arrange to meet the killer while being oblivious to his previous convictions.

Showing exclusively large groups of people in your photos will trick the dope viewing your profile into thinking you're mega popular and by the time they realize you're not, it's too late, you're married with a bunch of dumb kids!

Talk about your parents, immediately and constantly; it shows your devotion to family and that you're a person of strong moral fiber.

In his dating profile - under a name which also can not be reported, due to a lifelong anonymity order protecting his new identity - Venables claims his best quality is his sense of humour.

He also tells of his passions for music and the football club Everton, which he says he supports.